Website interface introduction:

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1. Quickly find the goods you want through the navigation bar;

2. Click the search button, enter the noun of the product you want, and quickly find the product you want;

3. If you are satisfied with our website, please don’t forget to follow our corresponding social accounts;

4. Click the button here to switch the currency type;

5. This is our contact method, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us;

6. More functions
1) Filter products by price range
2) Filter products by product label
3) Recently viewed products
4) If you like it, you can add it directly to the shopping cart
5) Filter products by their popularity, price, etc.

How to order

1. (1) Select the size, (5) More detailed size chart, (4) More detailed pictures, please click the link, (2) Select the quantity, (3) Click to buy

2. Please fill in the correct and detailed delivery address information, otherwise it will affect the calculation of the freight and whether you can receive the goods correctly,If you have a coupon code, don’t forget to redeem it

How to complete paypal payment

1. Please check the final amount you want to pay

2. Use your paypal account to transfer money to our paypal account, please pay attention! Be sure to choose friends and family when transferring money! Otherwise, we will refund the order directly. Our paypal account:

3、After the transfer is successful, please fill in your paypal account in the order remarks, and then click Place Order.
We will pay the fee after you place the order and check it, and we will arrange the delivery as soon as possible after the fee is received.

How to complete Wise payment

Detailed operation process:


How to check the logistics trajectory

We will tell you the specific logistics number by email after the goods are shipped, and you can also log in to your account to check.

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